Author: ryanlund

Aaron James Draplin / DDC come to Lincoln Nebraska

Reached out to Aaron Draplin months ago about coming into town to speak all things graphics (ok some other jibberish cool stuff too) and with help from all the peeps at redthread and Hudl, we did it! Wonderful to be a part of something like this in Silicon Prairie (Lincoln NE), and to see other […]

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Pre-sale on SQUATCH Snowboard T-shirts and Beanie Hats!

To get it rolling as smooth as possible, we’re giving out a coupon code for 25% OFF all purchases on the SQUATCH website… yeah the one you’re on now! More cool products should start showing up each week, especially for all you winter sports fans! (ie: snowboarders, skiing, sledding, etc.) Cheers to all – have […]

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Welcome to SQUATCH Outerwear

Just like the infamous Sasquatch, we love the outdoor wilderness too. However, we’re a bit different as we actually wear clothing more than not! (is that good or bad… you make the call) SQUATCH Outerwear is a simple brand, bringing out some top notch graphic tees, beanies, trucker caps, hoodies and more. Think of us […]

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